Single Parents Housing Policy Petition Request Not Approved

A request to amend the city-state’s home policy to make it more inclusive for unmarried parents was rejected from the Ministry of National Development (MND), reported Channel News Asia.

The request was filed in Parliament on 11 September from MP for Nee Soon GRC, Louis Ng, on behalf of seven unmarried parents.

The petitioners sought to incorporate a subsection inside the Housing and Development Act, saying that the board and the ministry “shall not discriminate against any person with legal custody of a child on grounds of such person’s marital status”. Especially, unmarried parents and their kids can’t acquire subsidised flats because they aren’t recognized by HDB for a family nucleus, this should not be mistaken with executive condo that is also under the HDB rules for the first 5 years, and thus anyone getting the upcoming Rivercove Residences EC should be aware of such policy.

The request also needs divorced parents to be exempt from rules which prohibit them from getting or leasing a different HDB flat for a particular time after selling their homes.

In denying the request, the ministry stated: “The government is committed to housing the nation and ensuring the well-being of our children.”

It noted that although public housing policies have been geared toward addressing the requirements of Singapore families, the ministry ensures that it doesn’t endanger family aid and self-reliance.

In assisting unmarried parents, the ministry can also be aware of not undermining the prevailing social standard of parenthood in marriage.

Instead, for cases which our policies have not covered, we evaluate them holistically and exercise flexibility to help various households with their housing needs, according to their circumstances.”

Including helping families headed by unmarried parents buy a flat in their own way, or provide rental housing for those who have no family assistance and other housing options.